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Week Sixteen (April 29-May 05)

This past week a character came into my mind and I put her on paper.

The character is still in development, but her current backstory is that she fights off white cowboys that are up to no good (which, in this world, they always are). This takes place in a futuristic land, maybe on Earth, maybe not on Earth. Magic is a common practice in this western land.

I want to illustrate some scenes with her, but I'm going to put this idea flow on hold for a while because I need to recommit myself to my stippling pieces. The calla lilies piece is sorely neglected at the current moment.


I finished the fifth (and last) canvas board that came in the pack I bought from Blick. I will upload this piece to my shop soon. I'm still working out the title.


I worked on more pottery pieces but of course I forgot to take photos...

So, pottery updates to come soon (I hope).


Last update: I went to Frieze on Sunday! I saw some really great artwork and some really mediocre work. Here are some pieces that I was drawn to:

I forgot to record the artist's name for this piece.

Minjung Kim

Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi

Donna Huanca

That's all! Goodbye!


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