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Eco Post Pt. I - My Resolutions

At the end of this Earth Month, I've been thinking about our/my role in helping out this beautiful planet that's housed us (and that we've taken for granted).

I've decided to share some of the actions that I'm taking to be more environmentally responsible on a micro level.

1. I'm no longer buying clothes unless they are second hand or ethically made by a non-major brand. I would like to shop local more to support lesser known designers and I want to make sure that any new clothing that I buy was made by people being paid a living wage. I also will be keeping an eye out for products made with natural dyes and organic fibers. Until recently (well, after watching this video), I didn't think about all the harmful dyes and chemicals that go into making the clothes we wear. So, even if a brand is based on a platform of paying their workers a living wage (great!) they may be creating a lot of pollution (boo!)

2. I don't want to do this now because my apartment is too small and filled with other people, but once I move into my own place I won't be drying my clothes in the dryer any more. Clothing rack drying only!

3. Once I use up all of the dryer sheets I have now, I won't buy any more. I still like their fresh-smelling, anti-static properties, so I'll do some research into some more sustainable options.

4. Create less waste! This is very vague & I know any motivational speaker out there is yelling about creating quantifiable actions steps. Those steps are tbd.

I saw a video a few years ago of Lauren Singer fitting all her un-recyclable waste into a jar and I remember thinking "this is not attainable". But, I have a very different mindset now and I'm gonna go for it!

5. Buy no more plastic :0 This is a very big goal of mine. I've done some research already into reusable/biodegradable alternatives to things like plastic baggies and cling wrap. I'll be making a part 2 to this post where I'll share all these alternatives and brands that seem to being conscious of lessening their impact on the Earth.

I think these are all achievable by most of us humans. I've learned a lot this Earth Month and I've reflected a lot. Now, please enjoy some photos from the past week.

What's your wingspan?

The Hive

Making a vessel for volcanic eruptions with Kate

Glazing my pottery

That's all! I would love to hear other suggestions for ways to help out mother Earth :) So, let me know.



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