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Week Fourteen (April 15-21)

So busy this week! I made so many things for BCM! Here they are!:

The banner for Earth Rocks! Festival from doodle stage to final banner:

I forgot to trim the edges of the strips of fabric :0 oops.

Here is the GIANT volcano that I made (with some help from two other educators). It's about three feet tall and pretty chunky.

Made with cardboard, papier-mâché, and paint (in that order). The vessel inside is to rest a diet coke bottle for the mentos and coke eruption.

Lastly, I finished the "What's Your Wingspan?" banner. I don't have a photo of it hanging up yet; I'll make sure to take one when I'm back to work this week.


On my own, I added more to my stippling piece and worked through some thoughts in my sketchbook.

I'm really into absurdity especially when thinking about humor. Lately, I've been thinking about what aspects of our reality are absurd. Are any absurd? Or, does God--however you define God--have a completely laid-out plan for the universe? I don't believe there is anyway to answer these questions concretely while we're alive, but I've been exploring them none the less.

These doodles will be part of a larger project coming soon(!).

And, lastly, I completely filled up one of my sketchbooks AND my daily planner this week! A rare occurrence! It takes a good long while for me to finish a sketchbook. By the time I'm maybe a quarter of the way through with one, I'm gifted or I buy another one (or two). This is what happens when you're the artist in the family--a sketchbook is always the perfect gift. I'll never, ever complain about getting a sketchbook.

While I did finish this one, I have three other active ones here in Brooklyn, and one or two at my parents' house.

Here are some selected doodles from my sketchbook and planner that I would like to share:

Both planner and sketchbook were purchased by me at the end of 2017.

Goodbye! Have a great week!


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