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Weeks Twelve -Thirteen (April 1-April 14)

No blog post last week because I'm a slacker! Not really, it's because I picked up a semi-odd job on Monday and was tired and forgot. Plus, I did not have much *exciting* *new* work to post and figured I'd just combine these two weeks.

The "semi-odd job" was to be a studio assistant for Janine Antoni. It was pretty interesting. Well, my main task wasn't interesting, it was to organize a storage closet. But, it was interesting to venture into a part of the art world I've never experienced before.

Yesterday (Sunday), I went to my second ceramics class! It was so great. 10/10 would recommend. It's at the Educational Alliance and my instructor, Liz Lohr, is really knowledgeable and helpful. After class, there was a recycled jewelry making event in the studio next door. So, I made these two pairs earrings:

I also started working on another be announced. I'll show you what I've done so far:

here is the poster I've been making for Earth Rocks! festival at BCM. Kiddos (and adults) will stand in front of it with their arms stretched out to see which bird has a similar wingspan to themselves.

Only issue is that because of the colors that I used, it looks Navajo-esque :/ That definitely wasn't the intention so, I'm going to change the dark purple-ish brown bird (California Condor) to a light/bright green and see what happens. I've already spent so much time on this and I have so many other work projects to finish this week :00

Lastly, here are some sketches from the weeks:

I haven't posted any stippling updates in a little while because I've made such minuscule progress. However, I am hoping to work on the calla lilies piece a lot this week, so I'll have something to share soon!

Also, I'll start sharing my sculptures in a few weeks!

That's all!



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