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Week Eleven (March 25-31)

Wow! It's April and also my 12th blog post ever! Shout out to my steady single-digit readership :)

I'm glad to be here, making art, growing, learning, living, all that stuff.

Here's what I've been working on this week:

A nice doodle. Oh! A little story behind this drawing: I tried to promote it on Instagram. I paid $4 for it to be shown to 800-2,000 people over the course of two days, but it never posted! They just took my $4 and I received no post views and no new visitors to my page! I'm glad I only paid $4 to try it out, but I'm very confused about this. I did some research about the issue but couldn't turn up any helpful info :(

Some slow (as usual) progress on my calla lilies piece.

I was tasked with painting "Sylvia's Story Corner" on this blue part of ColorLab dedicated to reading (and Slyvia, the lady that donated a lot). There used to be vinyl lettering, but it kept peeling off, so it was time for it to go.

Here's a pic of the vinyl after I had traced the letters and peeled off a few:

I'm proud of this job. My lettering is very neat and I enjoyed the process.

Lastly, I made several sketches of pottery designs. I'm starting a pottery class this Sunday and I am sUpeR exCiTEd!!!! I'm not going to show my sketches yet. Even though this is not a highly viewed blog, I'm wary of sharing my plans for things until they are at least almost fully realized. Big brands love a little known artist with great ideas to steal from!

Have a nice day,


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