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Week Seven (February 25-March 3)

It's after 11pm so let's get right into it.

I finished the painting that I started a few weeks ago. Title still pending, but I'm going to add it to my shop soon!


This is my latest stippling piece. Untitled III (Calla Lilies).


An anecdote: I went to Kith earlier today and found some really beautiful t-shirts made by artist Pieter Parra. Here are a few pics that don't do his work any justice:

You can see more of his stuff here and here.

Until recently (the past two years) I mostly painted with blue and red. I just really love any variation of those two colors together, so of course I am drawn to Parra's work. Not to mention that he prints t-shirts, which is what I did for several years after starting my business, Rho, in 2014.

With that, here is one last doodle for the week:



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