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Week Six (February 18-24)

This week was busy and fun and kinda tiring!

For Black Future Festival at BCM we made"Past, Present, Future Goggles" inspired by the work of Cyrus Kabiru, a Kenyan artist that makes some really cool goggles called C-Stunners.

These very professional photos were taken by Winston, a coworker.

Here's a very unprofessional photo of me in a pair I made:

We also built a Parliament inspired Mothership~


On my own, I started practicing some carving so that I can make woodblock prints.

I used Speedball Speedy-Cut Carving Block and carved with Speedball Linoleum Cutters. I didn't notice until after carving this that this type of block should only be used with water soluble inks. I only bought an oil-based ink. Oops.

The Speedy-Cut was good for practice--I haven't carved in a few years--but I plan to buy the linoleum blocks soon so that I can use oil based inks (oil-based ink is good for printing on fabric or any material that might experience some wear and tear).

Overall this was so fun! More woodblock prints to come :-)


Lastly, some doodles from this week. Some planning for future woodblock prints & larger stippling pieces :-))

(I'm not showing every sketch/note that I made because I don't want to give away everything before I make the final pieces!)

Some calla lily sketches for next stippling piece.


Lastly, here's a pic of how some of my banners from last week's post look hanging up.



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