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Week Three (January 28-February 3)


Today's post will be a very short one because:

A) It is 10:20, I am a grandma, I am ready for bed, and

B) I continued making slow progress on some things, most of which happened at the Brooklyn Children's Museum, so I don't have any personal pieces to show.

So, anyway, here's what I've been working on this week.


I painted a Lunar New Year banner for BCM!

Lunar New Year begins Tuesday, February 05 this year and it is the year of the pig.

Yes, that is a pig, not a rabbit.

I also made these couplets for Lunar New Year. I was very nervous to be writing in a language that I cannot read, but Yue was very helpful in making me feel okay to have this large display in a museum. I still made a small typo (that I fixed after the photo was taken). I was hesitant to post for a sec but I decided to anyway because I do want to document my "mistakes" or "failures" along with my "successes".


Left couplet: Harmonious heaven, harmonious earth, harmonious people, harmony of Huaxia

Right couplet: Beautiful songs, beautiful dance, beautiful flowers, beauty of tonight

Top couplet: New Spring Festival, great auspiciousness

I made a cherry blossom tree! This is an interactive piece for which kiddos will make tissue paper cherry blossoms and tape them onto the tree so that it can "bloom" for Spring. I'll post photos of their progress after Tuesday's celebration.

That's all for tonight! I worked more on the Nia Wilson portrait, but I don't want to post any more updates (until it is finished).



(This post ended up being a regular length, wow).

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