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Week One (January 14-20)


This week I have made some drawings, some sculptures, and also...*~*personal progress*~*

I deleted instagram and tumblr from my phone, and plan to stay away from social media for at least a few months...I don't have an exact date on which I plan to return, but it will be when I feel I've made a significant body of work and I'd like to share it on these platforms.

Also, my new clothing rack finally came, so no more piles of stuff on the floor of my room :-)

Anyway, below is (some of) my art from this past week.

*Please note, I typically work on a few projects throughout the week(s), so I likely will not have seven individual artworks every week.

Patterns progressing.

A birthday gift for my dear friend, Yue.

More dots for Nia Wilson.

Thank you for visiting :-)


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