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​Kay May is an interdisciplinary artist working across drawing, painting, sculpture, and fiber works. kay’s works are a meditation on healing from grief, especially grief stemming from the loss of something connected to You, but not quite Yours in order to reimagine a future that is Yours. Much of k’s works are vibrant, afrofuturist pieces that feature African diasporic cyborgs that have created a new society in which love flows through the ether and grief is honored. The cyborgs pose with extinct plants that have been recultivated and they hold each other in stoic, peaceful embrace. 


As an arts educator, K has created thoughtful, child-centric programming for children ages 2 and above. She has facilitated programming and created curriculum that has been used in the Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s ColorLab art studio and in the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s community outreach programming. She has brought care and humility to her work with children and families throughout NYC, including with vulnerable populations such as families in homeless shelters and children reuniting with an incarcerated parent.


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